16 Pallet Wall Decorations For Creative Home Owners

Pallets can be put into a number of uses besides their primary function of carrying stuff. Pallet wall decorations is one of the most widely and easily used concept. Any plain and boring wall can be brought to life with a little Pallet art on it.

There are hundreds of options to be created. You can paint them, cut them into shapes, make shelves, make clocks, make photo frames or cupboards that expresses you and your family in a unique way. And the ideal places for such decorations would be: The area behind your bed, in your living room by the couch, in your kitchen wall and your patio for all those tools.

The proportion of wall to the decoration (wall hanging, painting, shelf, photo frame etc.) is actually the key to make it look just right or completely ridiculous. Not only decorations, these creations can be put to some serious use like pencil holders above your desk.

A great idea would be to make these on your own. It’s simpler than it seems actually. First you need to find some pallets which are near exact to what you need so you don’t have to go through cutting a lot. Next step would be to use paints, using an adhesive in paints is a must with wood. Glue the pallets and attach some strings/wires and you will have your very own wall decorations. For photo frames and cupboards however you will have to use screws and nails as required.

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