Christmas Fireplace Decorations Mantles (3)

The mantelpiece has long been a traditional decoration for both seasonal and festive occasions. It seems that guests always tend to sit by the fireplace with a Cup of good coffee or hot Apple cider and enjoy the warmth of the crackling fire. If your mantel is simple during the holiday season, you are missing out on the opportunity to truly charm your guests during their stay. Don’t just warm your hands while sipping your favorite holiday drink. You need to use some simple Christmas fireplace decoration ideas that will warm their hearts.

Garland – a beautiful and elegant way to decorate the mantelpiece. There are many ways to decorate a fireplace garland, but a garland of spruce and pine smells just wonderful. Just throw a few strips of this wonderful fresh greenery over the top of the fireplace, braid them with transparent Christmas mini lights, and tie a few red velvet bows to add some Christmas flavor.

If you are looking for an elegant and unique form of fireplace garland decoration, I suggest you use Magnolia and Holly branches. Add shiny blue, green, silver or gold Christmas balls to the garland to enhance the glamorous look. Silver or gold ribbons threaded along the entire length of the product add the finishing touch.

An easy and inexpensive way to add true charm to your Christmas fireplace decoration ideas is to decorate it with additional Christmas balloon decorations that you have. Silver, crystal, or glass bowls, vases, and urns become amazing decorative items by simply filling them with colorful unused ornaments and placing them on the mantelpiece. Tie vases or bowls with ribbons. To give it an earthy tone, add sprigs of greenery, such as pine, cedar, and Holly branches. Place a few matching Christmas candles around the edges of the fireplace to soften the mood.

If you prefer to use rustic style Christmas fireplace decoration ideas, then you will definitely love pine cones for Christmas decoration. There are many ways to decorate pine cones. You can tie holiday ribbons to the ends of pine cones and hang them on a nail on the mantelpiece, attach pine cones to small green Christmas wreaths and hang or put them in the corners of the fireplace, or fill crystal bowls of different sizes with pine cones and put them on the fireplace.

Another amazing way to decorate a fireplace with pine cones is to first spray paint the cones in colors such as red, green, silver, or gold and let them dry. If you want to add elegance, use sequins. Tie beautiful shiny ribbons and bows to the dried pine cones and add small sprigs of greenery, such as Holly branches. Now you are ready to hang them over the fireplace or on a large spruce or pine wreath and place it over the fireplace.