diy shoe rack (5)

You love footwear; so, you got masses of it. Now, you need a very simple, yet durable shoe rack for organizing the lot. Surely, a DIY shoe rack can serve your purpose wonderfully well. Below are given easy steps making you learn how to make a simple, purposeful shoe shelf for the cabinet. 2 examples of shelves are shown how you can create and design a useful and appropriate rack by following the steps. Items that will be needed:

  • three already cut boards
  • measuring tape
  • rods
  • drill bits
  • securing/safety pin
  • jig saw

Step: 1
Purchase the three boards mentioned above from any hardware shop. One of them will backup as middle and the remaining two will go on two sides oppositely. Purchase rods in various sizes to place footwear on.
Step: 2
For drilling equal holes on either side of the DIY shoe rack, use measure tape.
Step: 3
Now you have to create those equal holes, so that the rods may be put into.
Step: 4
When the holes have come into existence, deposit your bought rods into them.
Step: 5
The rods may slip from the holes, so use securing or safety pins to protect them.
Step: 6
2nd type of layout: follow the same instructions given in the article, but use the jig saw to cut boards according to your choice. Make three drilled holes in your DIY shoe rack to create three shelf spaces for placing your footwear.
Note: Use jig saw with care to avoid injury.