DIY Platform Bed (6)

If you are a person with small financial plan as well as with small size of bedroom, the best idea is DIY platform bed. It is space saver, no doubt, and doesn’t charge you an arm and leg to build it. You can hire professionals to plan your DIY platform bed, or go with your brain wave for creating good design. There are various kinds of DIY platform bed frames and templates to select for your bedroom. Let us have a view of all the major kinds.

Pallet Platform Bed
A pallet platform bed is made of a lot of pallets fastened to one another in right sequence. These pallets can also be used to create headboard of your bed. They give naturally rough look in original texture. If you want finishing and neat look along with comfort, give it varnish or polish after completing.

Shelf Platform Bed
There are some DIY platform bed designs with under shelves. Using woody small cabinets, you can produce a whole comfortable bed for a relaxing sleep. Though it is tough to assemble those storage boxes to shape a bed, it will be doubling useful if created.

Stylish Oak Board Platform Bed
You can easily build these beds by using great oak board as the major support of bed and stiff metal hairpins for giving leg support to the board. You will create not only a simple and clean, but a modern style of platform bed for your small room. It will prove durable, as well.