DIY Lanterns (16)

There are different ways to make lanterns. The evergreen trend of lanterns can’t be diminished. The most common material to make diy lanterns is clay. The mixture of clay and water is being made. Then, it is used to keep in the molds to get a proper shape of lantern. After removing it from mold, it’s time to keep each lantern under sunlight. Put a cotton piece on the pouring section of the lantern and paste it with anything. There are numerous designs and color combinations of the lanterns on internet. You can choose any of easiest design to try one at home. Many people use lanterns only for the purpose of decoration. It is considered as a best thing to welcome people in the homes in many countries of south Asia.

Lanterns are also being made using glass and steel. The steel-made handle and glass that covers the lightning area are being used to make lanterns. These kinds of lanterns are also famous to decorate in the homes. The video tutorials can help you a lot to learn different ways of making a lantern. For only decoration purpose, people also make lanterns from wood and tin. It is not necessary that you stick to limited material for making lanterns. We would suggest you to make diy lanterns if you want to save money to spend on such things. This will be better that you paint a lantern before using it for decoration. Make new and unique designs so that you can present lanterns as gifts to your buddies.