Diy Lamp Shade (3)

In order to find out how make the pattern of the diy lamp shades, there are some rules to follow. Firstly you have to determine how you will like the pattern to be centered on the shade. For this purpose, the yardstick and square are used in order to draw the bottom and left edges of the particular shade. The fabric has to be checked in order to ensure that there is no dirt and lint on it. There is a sticky side of the pressure sensitive styrene which is attached to the fabric. The first few inches of the paper covering are peeled off from the sticky part, the left and bottom edges are then lined up with the other lines and the shade paper is stuck with the fabric.

To continue making the diy lamp shades, the sticking and peeling should be done a few more inches till a time when the styrene is attached completely. Make use of a hard and flat object such as a plastic ruler in order to smoothen the wrinkles as well as the air pockets. Make use of the bottom line which will serve as a guide for maintaining the styrene straight in the fabric. The lampshade rings are then laid on the table and it is made sure that these rings lay flat on the top of the table from all the sides. The corner of the table is used for bending the rings wherever required, so that they can get flat and straight on the table.