diy headboard (8)

Do you want your bed to look outstanding and be among one of the exceptional pieces? This can be obtained by an excellent headboard. Anyhow, you can get a bed with attractive headboards in the market, but they may be more expensive compared to the bed with a diy headboard. Hence, you can try making a diy headboard at home at a lower price. Isn’t it, a good idea? Moreover a diy headboard will be something unique, handmade piece, and also it will express your thoughts and skills. This article discusses on how to make a diy headboard.

First of all, a piece of plywood is required to make the base of a headboard. Make it simple; try finding plywood from the old stuff at home like an old wooden door. However, make it sure the plywood width matches the bed’s width. Anyway, if you don’t have an old door at home you can buy a new door. Secondly, the significant step is to cut the plywood accordingly to form a headboard. It depends on you; you want a headboard larger than the bed’s width or same as the bed’s width. So, cut the plywood accordingly and don’t forget to add markings to the board before cutting. It is a significant step because if you fail to cut it exactly, you may not get your desired headboard. Thirdly, you need to pad the headboard; this can be done using foam or something cheaper in order to make it soft. Last and final step is to cut the batting, cut it a little bigger than the dimensions of the headboard and fix it to the headboard.