DIY Floating Shelves (6)

Splendid DIY floating shelves save on space and give contemporary storage to your apartment. If you build stiff floating shelf and install carefully, firmly and properly, you will find it heavy weight bearing, and save on the budget you spend in purchasing brackets or fixtures for fitting. Another advantage of leaving behind the use of brackets is that the room will look clean with less busy walls, enhancing the grace and subtlety.

If you think DIY floating shelves are a tough idea, you are utterly wrong. You can create them with little energy and money. You have to select the wall and the size of shelves you need depending upon how much items you need to put on them. Another thing you should consider is how much weight you want your DIY floating shelves to bear. Once you get the idea, you can create marvelously beautiful, clean, perfect and suitable floating racks without much effort.

There are basically two kinds of DIY floating shelves in terms of weight; light weight holders and heavy weight holders.
If you don’t have heavy items to put on them and need them just for a set of books, collectibles, small show pieces and pictures, you need shelves holding light weight. For this purpose, you can pick up lighter material to fit into any corner of your room.

If your shelf items are heavy, you should go with 2×4 ledgers for fitting to the place to give extra backup. These 2x4s needs to be cut according to the length of the racks and anchored onto the wall with studs.