11 Amazing Diy Fireplace Designs

Who would not love a great gathering spot and a cozy lounging area in the comforts of their own house? Though this can be achieved by simply making use of the spaces you have, many would agree that only a proper fireplace can hold a gathering of either friends or family in a proper manner. If you agree, but do not have a fireplace, then it might be time that you build your own diy fireplace.

The common attribute of all classy fireplace is built-into the wall as well as an efficient chimney to channel the harmful carbon monoxide away from the patrons of the house. While cutting out a considerable chink of the wall in order to fit the fireplace can be achieved, not all house has a chimney fashioned into it. Building one from scratch can be worthwhile, albeit taking up a lot of time as well as money.

This however, can still be done. You would want to start by picking out a corner with a large enough wall to accommodate the fireplace as well as the guests who will be lounging there. You can start marking the designated space with chalk before cutting out the blocks necessary. A fireplace must be equipped with a clay flooring, as stone floor would easily be charred and burnt ugly. Your diy fireplace could be made from scratch or you could also buy a ready-made one and install it yourself.

As for the chimney, you could fashion a large hose from PVC or vinyl to be channeled out into the open. You could sacrifice a window and use PVC couplings to direct the hose upwards. It is fine if the outer end is not as high as other chimneys, for what is important is the ventilation of your diy fireplace

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