Closet Organizer (12)

DIY closet organizers can be built or improvised by anyone who needs more closet space but doesn’t have the money or the space for a big walk-in closet. One useful approach is to use the space above or below the closet organizers that are already there, such as shelves or closet rod. Another idea is to allow several things to be hung or stacked where usually only one thing will fit. Finally, almost all closets have bits of space here and there, particularly behind the door or at the back, and shelves or rods can be found or made that will take advantage of these left-over spaces.

Most shelves can be doubled in storage area by DIY closet organizers that place another shelf of the same length over the one that is there already. The available space on a closet rod can also be almost doubled by hanging a lower rod from the end of the upper one on a chain. Hooks can also be attached to shelving to hold kitchen and workshop tools and utensils. This will also work for gloves, tiesand belts, and hooks attached to hangers will hold several of these on a closet rod. Hooks or clothespins attached to an aluminum wire stretched across the back of a door will also provide a drying area for gloves, mittens and wraps when they become wet. The recessed ends of closets can be made into small but useful shelves by attaching shelving material slightly narrower than the space with end mounting brackets.