Traditional Christmas Tree (4)

Before you get to the fun part, you’ll need a good tree. Place the stump in the water tank immediately after the freshly cut base. This will extend the life of the tree and reduce the number of pins dropped from the branches. The water will need to be constantly checked and refilled in the first couple of days.

Once your Christmas tree is installed and well cared for, it’s time to start decorating! Start by adding Christmas lights. White led lights can be purchased as long strands of static lamps or with options that make them flicker, fade, etc.the price difference is small, and lights with different settings give a little extra pleasure to the family.

Before you hang the lights around the tree, make sure that all the lights are working. Start winding the lights around the tree, working from the inside. When you’re done, the light should be evenly distributed around the tree and look very festive.

Choose Christmas tree decoration ideas that will fit the room. The traditional Christmas colors are red, green, and gold. If gold and red don’t match the room decor, you might want to choose an alternative color design. Some people like two color themes, such as silver and blue. Others combine several colors, such as purple, red, and silver. You can even choose a silver and gold theme, although jewelry often looks best with a single metallic mixed with a brighter color.

Keep it simple. More than two colors distract attention from real jewelry and can be very irritating to the eyes! For the Christmas tree, you will need decorations: garlands, fillers, special decorations and a top for the Christmas tree. Depending on how well the base of the tree is visible, you can also decorate the stump with a ribbon.

After adding lights, wrap the garlands around the tree. As with Christmas lights, spread them evenly over the branches. Think about what angles should look good on the tree. For example, if your Christmas tree is in a window, the whole tree should be evenly decorated and look beautiful. However, if your tree is cornered, don’t waste your decorations by placing them right at the back where no one will see.

Special jewelry is unique or collectible jewelry that you acquire over the years. If you place fragile ornaments higher up in the tree, they will be more visible and less likely to be knocked off the tree. These are the final touches to the tree, so take the time to move them around to find the best places. The last step is to add the top ornament to the Christmas tree.

Whether it’s a sparkling star or a glowing angel, after the topper has crowned your Christmas tree, it’s time to step back and admire your Christmas tree decorating ideas. Maybe with minced meat and mulled wine in your hand!