Handmade Christmas Ornaments (11)

When you think of Christmas decorations, most people first think of Christmas trinkets as the most common decoration. The Christmas ball is an endless symbol of Christmas tree decoration and probably the best – selling Christmas decoration ever. There are three main types of Christmas toys – glass, plastic, and other materials.

Christmas decorations made of glass

Glass Christmas ornament is the most durable. It appeared around the 1840s and has been a popular Christmas tree decoration ever since. Glass ornaments are available in various shapes and stylized from simple glass trinkets to hand – drawn German Christmas decorations. There are glass icicles and glass birds. One of the most popular collectibles is crystal jewelry, usually stars. Companies like Swarovski and Waterford produce Christmas decorations every year, and the cost of many of them increases after a few years. Other Christmas decorations made of crystals are also available: snowmen, Santa Claus and angels (they are especially popular and look so good in crystal)

Plastic Christmas decorations

Plastic is used as a material for decorating Christmas trees because it is cheap to produce and much less fragile than glass. Plastic Christmas toys are great for children and Pets. There are many colors and themes available in plastic. Transparent plastic balls in the shape of balls that can be used for making handmade Christmas decorations are very popular with children. They can add glitter or tinsel to the ball, snap it and get their own decoration.

Other Christmas decorations

There are many different materials that can be used to make Christmas decorations, including straw, fabrics, wood, metal, food, and paper. Food is one of the earliest forms of Christmas decoration, when it was used to celebrate the start of a new season of plant life. Common food decorations include popcorn, dried fruit, cookies, or cookies, and today we use chocolate in shiny foil as a popular decoration for our tree.